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12 year old Cecilia Bergåkra riding her approved stallion Bergåkra’s Amaranth 1282, 4 years old. In the background Cecilia’s mother and Amaranth’s breeder, Sigrid.
If this is not proof of a seriously super temperament I don’t know what is.
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12 year olds with Stallions that they OWN and yet in America God forbid you ride a stud under age 18. 

I think if you go to a show here, technically someone over 15 should handle them but you are free to ride! Lots of juniors here ride stallions, and ponies to.

Under 18, you are not allowed to show a stallion. Due to liability issues. You are free to ride at home as you please. It’s necessarily a bad rule. Mind you I know I’ve seen older people who have to clue how to deal with their shitty stallions. And who’ve said,” I keep him a stallion so he stays energetic”

Oh wow! Lots of the pony national champions are stallions, and they are ridden by kids! Is the rule for ALL stallions or only horses?

I’m not sure but around my town or maybe all of Ontario, it just states no stallions.I’ve never seen kids with stallion ponies because riding/showing is dying out :/

Pony dressage is BIG here, it’s organized just as dressage for regular horses but divided in three categories. We have regionals, nationals, nordic championships, European championships. Almost all of the euro champions are stallions and those riders are maximum 16, usually younger. The smallest ponies are ridden by riders up to 14!

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look at the detail on these breeches! yaaaaaaa

I love absolutely everything about this.

Horse of the Year 2014 | Show Jumping, 1.10m